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CSV Enrollment

The Admin Portal is designed to enhance your enrollment process by providing the ability to view and manage your data throughout the school year. This page will provide an overview of its key features, how to get started, and support resources.

Features overview

  • Batch upload
  • Create and manage roster data 
  • Add and view Amplify program access
  • Provide Admin Reports access to staff members

Batch upload

The Admin Portal supports the upload of a single CSV file for rostering data so there is little room for error and no need to contact Amplify to upload the file. You will be able to upload it yourself and see updates in the Admin Portal shortly after our secure servers process the data.

To begin your data sharing process, you’ll use the Batch Upload feature. There, you’ll add new or updated student and staff records and new classes for the school year. Once activated, batch upload will be available year-round. If you are a returning customer using the Admin Portal for the first time, your Enrollment and Licensing partner will walk you through migration and setup.

Create and manage roster data

With the Admin Portal, you’ll be able to create accounts for teachers, students, and other staff members. If you need to create a new school or class, you can do so within the portal. You’ll then be able to add teachers and students to those classes.

Add and view Amplify
program access

As an administrator, you can view which products every teacher and student in your district has access to, and you can manage program access. Simply select a teacher or student from your upload to view the full list of their assigned programs. If an additional program needs to be added, you can easily select ‘Add a program,’ and save your updates.  

If your rosters are updated after your digital setup call, Amplify will automatically process and grant access to your programs within 24 hours.

Provide Admin Reports access to staff members

Within the Admin Portal, you’ll have the ability to grant Admin Reports access to staff members. Note that staff members will also need to be part of the school or district organization as well as need access to the Amplify program for which they will be using Admin Reports.

Additional Information

Getting started

Getting started
When your account is rostered in Amplify, you will automatically get access to view rosters and programs in Admin Portal. To get edit access to Admin Portal, enabling you to create and edit accounts for non-rostered staff members, edit programs, and grant access to Administrator Reports, please request System Access during your digital setup call or by email to

Once your account is setup, you can begin using the Admin Portal by visiting and selecting the Admin Portal tab.


All staff who have a district account registered with Amplify can view enrollment data in the Admin Portal: IT managers, administration, and teachers. With your guidance, Amplify will designate one system access administrator who will have the ability to manage permissions for other staff. Please provide this staff member during your digital setup process. Assigning permissions will be important for staff members to be able to help manage data throughout the school year. 


For guidance with using the Admin Portal, please visit our help center at Here, you will find help articles with step-by-step guidance for your enrollment method.

There will also be in-app links to Help articles available within the Admin Portal.

You can also reach out to your Customer Success partner at any time for any additional questions you may have.