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CKLA Materials FAQs

How will I receive my delivery this year?
Your order will arrive in two batches. The first batch will include all core materials for the full year, except for select CKLA Readers. The readers required to cover approximately the first 80 days of instruction will arrive in the first batch. The second batch will include the remainder of the readers and you will receive this second batch prior to instruction. 

Why am I receiving my order in two batches?
There is a nationwide paper shortage impacting our ability to deliver a full year’s learning curriculum. We are committed to shipping your first batch of materials to ensure your students are set up for success for the first approximately 80 days of instruction.

Which products will be impacted by this delivery process?
This process will mostly impact the CKLA Readers.

When will I receive my first delivery?
We are working to honor the “do not deliver after” date that was agreed upon in your contract within the constraints of the paper shortage. We are committed to doing all that we can to deliver your order before that date, but some orders may be delayed.

How will this change my regular receiving/unpacking process?
This batch process changes the way your order is shipped and delivered, and the steps in which you should unpack and sort your order. Please refer to your Materials Delivery Guide for additional details. 

I’ve received my order and I am having issues. 
For missing products or other materials support, please contact the Material Support Team directly at (855) 678-5561 or email and we will rectify the situation promptly.

For general questions, please contact our support team at (800) 823-1969 or email and we will do our best to assist you.

I am concerned about this process and how it will impact students and teachers.
We are doing everything we can to ensure students and teachers have the materials they need for a successful school year. Given the supply chain shortages that are impacting all publishers and printers, this is the best process to ensure a successful start to the school year.