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Welcome to Amplify CKLA!

Amplify and the Science of Reading

Built on the Science of Reading, Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills. With new digital features and multimedia resources, it’s now more remote-learning friendly and flexible than ever.

Amplify CKLA is a K–5 literacy curriculum that inspires curiosity and drives results, empowering all students with rich background knowledge. 

We’ve created resources to help meet your unique needs this school year. This site is designed to help you become familiar with the program and to guide you through initial preparation for implementing Amplify in your classrooms.

More below but don't miss these features!


CKLA Seeds of Knowledge

Happy Spring! Each week we’ll be sharing teacher-vetted tips and tricks that hopefully blossom into bigger ideas for your classroom.

Amplify Back to Basics
Virtual Event

Back to Basics: Webinar training replays

This 3-part training webinar series with Amplify experts was a hit with attendees! If you missed any of the live sessions or are looking for a refresher, we’ve shared replays of each session and other resources to help you throughout the year.


Amplify Help Library

When you have a question about Amplify curriculum, we suggest you check out our help library as your first stop. It’s packed with answers to FAQs and tips for navigating and using Amplify. The search tool there will help you find the answer you need quickly.

Site Feature Virtual Event

Thankful Thursdays

Amplify has planned a series of fun events and giveaways for teachers in the weeks ahead. Check out what we have in store to shower you with appreciation for your dedication to educating and inspiring young minds!

Site Feature

Up Your Amplify CKLA Game

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. The collection includes a quick 5-10 minutes of Amplify CKLA training—starting with the basics and increasing in complexity each week to put you in control of your Amplify learning experience.

Site Feature

CKLA Quick Start

This program implementation page will give you a jump start on the new year. There are a number of useful tools provided here—including navigational videos and lessons resources—to guide you as you become familiar with the program. 

Science of Reading Star Awards

Science of Reading: The Podcast

Each episode delivers the latest insights from researchers and practitioners in early reading, taking a conversational approach and exploring a timely topic related to the science of reading.  Listen and subscribe!

Remote and Hybrid Learning Support

We know that this may be another challenging year for teachers, students, and caregivers alike. As your partner in education, we want to equip you and your learners with the tools to excel, whether in the classroom part-time or learning fully-remote from home.

Here are some instructional resources to provide a rich, quality, and reliable learning experience—even during these times that your class environment may be inconsistent:

Professional Learning remote and hybrid resources:
Here, you will find a breakdown of both Instructional and planning resources.  

In the Instructional Resources section:

  • Caregiver Resources provide step-by-step Hub navigation details as well as Foundational Skills guidance.
  • Recorded daily K–3 Read-Alouds for teachers and students include pictures from the Flip Books.
  • Foundational Skill Boost is a video-based, self-guided instruction with resources for teacher-led small-group activities, independent practice, and/or additional family resources for student support.

In the Planning Resources section: 

  • The Remote and Hybrid Planner outlines four steps to planning for CKLA instruction in a remote and/or hybrid setting.  
  • Sample videos provide demonstrations of both synchronous and asynchronous CKLA instruction.

CKLA Teacher Resource Site,
On the Teacher Resource Site, the Novel Guides, ebooks, and audiobooks in Daily Instruction provide engaging and flexible materials in a format that can be used with any digital technology, including an accessible audio version of the K–5 Amplify CKLA Student Readers.

Amplify CKLA QR code login:
New this year, the QR code login simplifies the way your students log in to the program. This help article provides all the details on this new login option for easier access to CKLA instruction.

Ready to log in? 

If you’ve never logged in to Amplify programs before, our Logging in to Amplify page will help you get started. Once you’re successfully logged in, we’re here to help you explain to your students how they will access Amplify curriculum. We have options to make this simple for students of all ages and abilities. You can learn more on our Student and Caregiver Support page.

Learn & Connect

Learn & Connect

Once you have logged in to the program, these resources will help you get started.

Top 10 CKLA Resources

The CKLA program is jam packed with resources for instruction—and for teacher and student support. Here’s a quick reference sheet of the Top 10 to get you started.

Professional development

These training webinars provide training on the Amplify CKLA program essentials:

Advice and answers

Did you know we have a robust library of help articles? Anytime you’re looking for answers, visit the library and use the Search tool at the top of the page to find all the articles on keywords like: CKLA, assigning, or QR code

There’s even a collection of articles devoted to all things Amplify CKLA.

Pre-launch checklist and training

Our Professional Learning site provides information on navigation, lesson details, and more to help you prepare to implement Amplify in your classrooms; including training videos, pedagogical support, Science of Reading resources, and other materials.

Training Events 

Back to Basics: Getting started with Amplify CKLA 

Have you been joining us for this training webinar series with Amplify experts walking you through the key things you need to know to get started with Amplify CKLA? This 3-part series is a hit with attendees! If you’ve missed any of the live sessions or are looking for a refresher, check out our Back to Basics Bonus page. We’ve included replays of each session and other resources to help you throughout the year.

Visit the Back to Basics Bonus page.

Join Our Community

Our Amplify CKLA Facebook group is a community of Amplify CKLA educators from across the country. It’s a space to share best practices, ideas, and support on everything from implementation to instruction. Join us!


Program Materials

Preparing for your materials

Review our Start Here guide, which includes an inventory list to help you plan the delivery of your Amplify CKLA materials. Your Amplify materials fulfillment contact will provide further information to coordinate the delivery.

You may also find these grade band component lists with visuals helpful: 

After your order is placed, the materials coordinator at your school or district will receive a shipping logistics survey to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. Since your order may include hundreds of boxes, this survey information is critical. Here are a few example survey questions to expect:

  • Will you need a multi-site delivery?
  • Does your delivery site have a loading dock?
  • Does your delivery site have a pallet jack? Does it accept pallets?
  • What are your earliest and latest delivery dates?
What's New!

What’s New!

When Amplify teachers share their feedback, we’re listening! We’ve been working hard on new features to continually improve the Amplify experience for you and your students. 

First-year CKLA Teachers

If you’re new to CKLA, check out this short overview video to learn more about the program!

As you become familiar with the CKLA program, don’t miss the features we’ve added or enhanced for back to school 2021. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to check out our What’s New tutorials

Technology Requirements/FAQ

Technology Requirements and Guidelines

Your district administrator has been provided with hardware and network requirements to meet the minimum technical requirements for performance and support of your curriculum products. This information is available on Amplify’s customer requirements page

Your district administrator has also been provided the URLs on this page to add to the corresponding district- or school-level filters. This step ensures that teachers and students can access Amplify CKLA materials.

Your computer or tablet must also be set to accept “cookies” from Amplify program sites.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are there students missing from my class roster? 
If a student(s) doesn’t appear on your class roster, they were most likely missing from the roster data provided by your district during the enrollment process. Please contact your district administrator to request that the student(s) be added.

Question: Why do I see only a blank page – nothing appears to load – when trying to access an Amplify program page (like
A blank screen is often a sign that the website is being blocked by a school’s content filter. Please check with your IT group to confirm that the URLs on this page have been allowed for your district network. Alternatively, check to ensure “cookies” are accepted on your device. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Powerful (and free!) pedagogical support

Amplify provides a unique kind of support you won’t find from other publishers. We’ve developed an educational support team of former teachers and administrators who provide pedagogical support at no cost to educators using our programs. This free service includes:

  • Information on where to locate standards and other planning materials.
  • Recommendations and tips for day-to-day teaching with Amplify CKLA.
  • Support with administering and interpreting assessment data and more.

To reach our pedagogical team, click the orange icon while logged into the curriculum to get immediate help, call (866) 629-2446, or email

Timely technical and program support

Our Customer Care and Support team is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, through a variety of channels: 

  • Live chat: Click the orange icon while logged into the curriculum to get immediate help in the middle of the school day.
  • Phone: Call our toll-free number: (800) 823-1969.
  • Email: Send an email to