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Amplify ELA Quick Start Kit

We’re excited to share a number of resources to set you up for success this school year. If you experience a delay in receiving your materials, use this Amplify ELA Quick Start Kit, which serves as an access point to all of Amplify’s digital curriculum resources. The tools provided here—including navigational videos, lessons resources, and resources from our Professional Learning Site—will guide you as you become familiar with the program. 

We hope you find these tools helpful in the early weeks of this 2022-23 school year! 

Accessing the Curriculum

Step 1: Accessing the Curriculum

To access many of the resources shared here, you will need login information to Amplify’s curriculum. 

You will receive your login information from your district administrator.

Digital Shared Access
If you’re waiting for your login information, we’re providing you with immediate instructional support through temporary, shared access to the platform. This will assist you in planning your first weeks of school instruction as well as provide temporary, shared access for your students to begin taking advantage of Amplify ELA learning opportunities.

For digital access to Amplify ELA material and digital support login:

  1. Open an Incognito Google Chrome or Safari web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Log in with Amplify”.

Are you an educator in Florida? 

View your unique login credentials here.

Login credentials for Digital Shared Access:

Teacher username:
Teacher password:

  • Student username:
  • Student password:

Share this postcard with your students for easy reference.

Important to Note

  • These demo accounts expire on: October 31, 2022.
  • We recommend students utilize the shared login for access to the program and the library. However since it is a shared demo account, other students will be using the same credentials. Therefore any work completed in the program while using this account will not be saved and will not be available for review.
Learning the Program

Step 2: Learning the Program

Navigating the program

When you are ready to log in to and get started, begin by watching the navigation video for a thorough walkthrough of Amplify ELA. 

Printable Resources

Watch the attached video for help on navigating to the printable resources in the program.

The ELA Teacher Resource site

For 1st Edition Amplify ELA users: To learn all about the ELA program, visit the ELA Teacher Resource site to gain a high-level view of program organization, pedagogy, and tools available to you.

The ELA Resource site includes: 

  • Digital and print navigation
  • Grammar pacing guides
  • Structured routines
  • Vocabulary activities
  • …and more!

Professional Learning site

The Professional Learning site provides you with tangible program resources and skills you need to start teaching with Amplify ELA. You’ll find self-study professional learning videos and many other resources including how to navigate the print and digital curriculum. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can refer back to it if needed. Note: login required!

What’s included

Preparing to Teach

Step 3: Preparing to Teach

In this section, you will find unit and lesson-level tools to set you up for success as you start planning for the new year. 

Grade Overview and Curriculum Maps

These grade overviews should be helpful as you begin to understand how units are organized and start mapping out your year of ELA. Choose your grade level by selecting from the dropdown menu. The 100 Lesson Pathways on this page offer an abridged version of the curriculum that covers all of the standards in 100 days, allowing you the time and opportunity to include other favorite projects.

Unit Overview and Pacing Guides

Within the curriculum, the Unit Overview details all the planning for the unit, including teacher references and printable resources. You can also access the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Unit Overviews.

Refer to the planning section of the Amplify ELA Professional Learning site for a number of resources to aid in your unit and lesson level planning, such as pacing guides.

Digital Learning

Students using the demo account credentials temporarily will not be able to save their work in the digital curriculum. They should still use the digital curriculum if devices are available for access to the texts and writing prompts. For grading purposes, you can download the printable Writing Journals in each Unit Overview and have students hand in their work on paper.

Model Lessons

You can zoom into the lesson level of Amplify ELA with our model lesson videos. For help with planning and breaking down the lessons, use this Lesson Planning template.

Novel guides

Novel Guides are a great way to ease students back into the classroom after the summer break. They offer an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the Amplify Library and re-orient themselves to the practice of reading and critical thinking. There is a dedicated section for Novel Guides within the library that can be accessed here

Assessment in ELA

Visit this page to learn about the myriad of assessment options you have to start the year and monitor progress throughout the year.

Learn More

Step 4: Learn More

Help for families and caregivers

We’ve prepared this ELA Caregivers website to help you support your students and their caregivers. The site is tailored to provide caregivers with curriculum details, an overview of what to expect, and resources to use with students at home. There is a Spanish version available, as well!

Help for teachers and leaders

On the ELA Start page, you can find links to past webinars and additional training resources under the Learn & Connect section of the page. 

Help Articles

Visit the library and use the Search tool at the top of the page to find all the articles on keywords such as ELA, lesson brief, or vocabulary.

There’s even a collection of articles devoted to all things Amplify ELA—including more videos.

Program Guide

The Program Guide covers everything you need to know about the program. Flip to page 12 to review the units for each grade level, and pages 38–39 for a visual walkthrough of a lesson.

Technical requirements

Whether you are logged in with your own or shared credentials, there are two important steps to ensure you and your students can access the Amplify ELA digital resources. 

You and your students may be prompted to “accept cookies” when first accessing the program. Your computer or tablet must be set to “accept cookies” from Amplify program sites. If prompted, select to allow cookies for the Amplify site.

If you see only a blank page – nothing appears to load – when trying to access an Amplify program page (such as, please check with your IT group to confirm the URLs on this page have been allowed for your district network. A blank screen is often a sign that the website is being blocked by a school’s content filter. 

Contact Us

We’re here to help you!

Have a question about Amplify ELA? Our Customer Care and Support teams are ready to answer them all, from digital or tech-related issues to questions on how to teach the curriculum.  

  • Need an answer fast? Chat with us! Click the orange icon while logged into the curriculum to get immediate help in the middle of the school day.
  •  For telephone support, contact us at (800) 823-1969. We have both technical and pedagogical support team members ready to answer your questions. Our Customer Care and Support hours are Monday–Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.