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Preparing for a successful launch

In order to guarantee a smooth experience for back-to-school 2022, you’ll be paired with a Customer Success partner who will provide support with:

  • Confirming your data sharing method
  • Sharing your enrollment information
  • Important enrollment updates
  • The next steps in your onboarding process

Sharing your data

Efficient enrollment
In ClassLink, you will sync your complete enrollment data, for all Amplify programs, and verify the accuracy of your rosters in those systems. Once you are sure the roster data is accurate and covers the participating classes, teachers, and students, you can then share that data with the Amplify Application in ClassLink. Your Customer Success and Enrollment & Licensing partners will confirm they are able to see the data and complete your setup.

Quick and easy updates
When making an update to your roster via ClassLink, Amplify will process that update and grant new students, classes, or staff access to your purchased Amplify programs. Your school district will not need to notify Amplify of these changes, the programs will be available for your students and staff within 24 hours.

Check the Getting Started tab below for additional resources to support your enrollment as we approach the school year.

The Admin Portal

Introducing the Admin Portal!

Amplify is launching a new Admin Portal that all district staff can utilize: IT managers, administration, and teachers. It will be accessible through The Admin Portal was designed to give districts the ability to manage and view their own data throughout the school year. You can use the Admin Portal to see data shared from ClassLink to Amplify. Changes made in the Admin Portal will be saved exclusively in Amplify systems.

Key features include:

  • Viewing program access
  • Applying Amplify programs to classes or staff members
  • Creating staff members who are not provided through ClassLink
  • Providing Admin Reports access to staff members 
  • Creating initial teacher or student access to preview programs

Important to note: Admin Portal will be available in July and is only for Amplify systems.

Changes to Demographic Data

For customers enrolling to mCLASS through Clever, ClassLink, or Admin Portal only
If your district is currently sharing demographic information with Amplify for reporting purposes in Assessment, please take note of the following changes listed below. These changes were made to ensure that Amplify is implementing best practices when it comes to data sharing, laid out by Common Education Data Standards or CEDS.

Demographic NameChanges for 2022–23
English ProficiencyDeprecated
Approved AccommodationsDeprecated
Eligible for Alt AssessmentDeprecated
Title 1 StatusDeprecated

For districts that have used custom demographics in the past, Amplify is no longer suFor districts that have used custom demographics in the past, Amplify is no longer supporting custom demographics for the 2022–23 school year to ensure we are aligned with best practices in data sharing.

If you’re planning to use student demographics, check back here for more details and next steps as we get closer to the upcoming school year.


What if my district is enrolling in mCLASS with another Amplify program?
If you are enrolling in multiple programs, you will upload and share your data via ClassLink for all programs.

What is an Amplify Customer Success partner?
Your Customer Success partner will be your point of contact throughout the onboarding process. They will work with you and the Amplify Enrollment and Licensing team to prepare and complete your data share.

How long will it take to complete my data share?
You can anticipate the process to be completed within 1-2 business days.

Getting Started

Coming soon!
Check back here later this summer for resources to support your ClassLink enrollment.