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Getting Started with Amplify

Welcome Teachers!

We’ve designed this website with you in mind. It includes resources to help you access and use Amplify programs (like short tutorials and grade-level recommendations), details on curriculum materials, student and caregiver support, answers to frequently asked questions, upcoming events, and lots more. 

Select your program to get started (but don’t miss the feature site pages below!).

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Seeds of Knowledge

Happy Spring! Each week we’ll be sharing teacher-vetted tips and tricks that hopefully blossom into bigger ideas for your classroom.

Site Feature Virtual Event

Thankful Thursdays

Amplify has planned a series of fun events and giveaways for teachers in the weeks ahead. Check out what we have in store to shower you with appreciation for your dedication to educating and inspiring young minds!

Amplify Back to Basics
Virtual Event

Back to Basics: Webinar training replays

This 3-part training webinar series with Amplify experts was a hit with attendees! If you missed any of the live sessions or are looking for a refresher, we’ve shared replays of each session and other resources to help you throughout the year.


Amplify Help Library

When you have a question about Amplify curriculum, we suggest you check out our help library as your first stop. It’s packed with answers to FAQs and tips for navigating and using Amplify. The search tool there will help you find the answer you need quickly.

Site Feature

Teacher Feature

Meet just a few of the many teachers we are grateful for. This 5-part video interview series is included on our Thankful Thursdays page.

Site Feature

Up Your Amplify Game

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. The collection includes a quick 5-10 minutes of Amplify CKLA, ELA, or Science training—starting with the basics and increasing in complexity each week to put you in control of your Amplify learning experience.

Not sure which programs your district has purchased?
Talk to your district administrator or contact our Customer Care and Support team – provide them your name and district, and they can provide you with this information.

District Administrators

If you’re a District Administrator, begin by checking out our Enrollment information for guidance and important 2021-2022 updates.

Rest assured that our dedicated implementation team will be there to support you during the entire process.

Have you had your implementation kickoff call?