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Professional Development Onboarding hub

We are very excited to partner with you and look forward to guiding you through using Amplify programs! Below, you’ll find information on professional development (PD) opportunities and resources to help guide you through your onboarding experience and ensure it is as smooth as possible.

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About Amplify PD

Amplify offers a wide range of professional development offerings designed to meet the unique needs of teachers and instructional leaders across different stages of learning. Whether you are implementing our programs for the first time or expanding instructional practices in year two and beyond, our goal is to support your professional growth.

Our PD packages are customized for your budget and timing and provide three distinct touch-points for teachers and leaders to engage in meaningful learning opportunities with our Amplify experts. This is crucial for successful implementations.

Note: Biliteracy sessions are also available to satisfy dual language requirements.

Partner with our team to select and personalize the professional development package options that best fit the needs of your teachers and leaders. To learn more about Amplify’s PD offerings, please visit

For an overview of each plan and package that we offer, review our Professional Development Package Selection Guides.

These guides include:

  • Just-right PD packages for teachers and leaders.
  • Appropriate modalities and durations.
  • Flexible enhancement options to best suit your needs.

Access program-specific courses below:

Amplify Core Programs

  • Literacy (Amplify CKLA®, Amplify Caminos, Amplify ELA)
  • STEM (Amplify Math, Desmos Math, Amplify Science)

Amplify Supplemental Programs

  • Boost Reading
  • Boost Lectura
  • Boost Close Reading

Amplify Assessment and Intervention Programs

  • Assessment (mCLASS with DIBELS® 8th Edition, mCLASS with DIBELS 8th Edition + TRC, mCLASS Lectura)
  • Intervention (mCLASS Intervention)

In addition to onsite and remote PD offerings, online (6-hour) self-paced courses are also available. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

PD Scheduling

PD requests should be submitted with multiple dates, whenever possible, allowing at least 10 business days lead time to schedule sessions. Point-of-contact information, preferred start/end times, and expected attendance are extremely helpful in getting PD scheduled quickly and efficiently. 

Contact your Account Executive for guidance and information on selecting the best professional development for your campus or district.

If you would like to submit a purchase order, click here.

mCLASS/DDS Training Videos

Amplify mCLASS Home features free tutorials and on-demand resources.
See below for specific tutorials and training videos.

Sign up for the DIBELS® 8th Edition Free Transition Training here.

Important to Note

Ensure that is in the Allow List. 

Guidance on how to do that can be found here.

mCLASS reports

Here, you’ll find resources and support to guide you through the use of mCLASS reports.

mCLASS Lectura

COMING SOON: Resources and support to guide you through the use and implementation of mCLASS Lectura.


Amplify provides free, live, and on-demand webinars for educators and administrators to attend and participate.

2023-24 Back-to-school office hours

Get a jump start on the school year and have your program questions answered live during one of our back-to-school office hours sessions.

View the live session recordings for your program(s):

2022-23 webinar series:
Literacy is Opportunity

Here, you’ll find the resources and recordings from our ongoing Spring 2023 webinar series: Literacy is Opportunity, where we offer training and support from major thought leaders and inspiring fellow educators into your corner to walk through the research-backed shifts that will change outcomes for your students. 

Register to view recorded webinars here.

2022-23 webinar series:
Stay One Step Ahead

Here, you’ll find the resources and recordings from our 2023 webinar series: Stay One Step Ahead, where we offer training and support for CKLA, ELAR, and SLAR educators and administrators to prepare for the upcoming unit and hear Amplify experts offer step-by-step guidance and tools that support effective classroom implementation. 

National CKLA users: View past recordings here.

Texas users only: View past recordings here.

2022-23 webinar series:
Back to Basics

Here, you’ll find the resources and recordings from our Fall 2022 webinar series: Back to Basics, where we offered training and support from Amplify experts for educators and administrators to get a head start on the school year.

Want to view recordings from our past webinars?

Visit the Webinar Archive here for valuable insights on teaching and learning topics maintained in our free video resource library.

Helpful Resources

Program updates

  • The Amplify Reading program you know and love will now go by a different name: Boost Reading. We will be rolling out this change over the course of the summer. Read more about the update here.
  • We are also thrilled to introduce a brand-new program: Boost Lectura. Boost Lectura is a highly personalized program designed to accelerate Spanish literacy foundational skills for K–2 students. Read more about the new program here.

DDS Homepage: The list below includes support on access to the DDS Homepage, as well as benchmark data entry instructions.

Caregiver hubs: The resources and guides below are for students’ families and caregivers to reference so they can ensure that your student has the most productive experience with our platform and curriculum throughout the year. 

Program FAQs: Do you have specific questions about Amplify’s programs?

  • Click here for answers to Amplify CKLA® PreK–5.
  • Click here for answers to Amplify Caminos K–5.
  • Click here for answers to Amplify ELA 6–8.
  • Click here for answers to Amplify Science K–8.
  • Click here for answers to Boost Reading K–5.


Read the following articles for more information on how the implementation of Amplify’s products can help your students succeed.





Amplify programs are designed to support and complement one another. For in-depth information and descriptions about our Core curriculum, Supplemental, Intervention, and Assessments programs, click here.

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