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Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations!

Thank you!

You plant seeds of knowledge, rooted in the passion for educating others. You nurture the growth of young minds. You shine your light to energize those around you.

We wanted to shower you with appreciation with opportunities to win prizes announced daily from May 2–6. Join us in celebrating the winners announced below.

A week isn’t enough time to say how much we appreciate you!

How will I know if I’ve won?

Daily Announcements

Winners were announced here and on Amplify’s Facebook groups (see Stay Connected to learn more) daily the week of May 2–6. Winners will be contacted by a member of the Amplify team!


Thank you for using our programs!

30 lucky winners will be announced to receive some special Amplify swag.

Congratulations to our lucky winners receiving some Amplify swag today!

  1. Beverly B., Georgia
  2. Milay A., North Carolina
  3. Desyre K., North Carolina
  4. Laura G., California
  5. Sally N., Wisconsin
  6. Shirley S., North Carolina
  7. Amy F., North Carolina
  8. Jennifer E., Illinois
  9. Amy J., Louisiana
  10. Cianda E., Tennessee

11. Rebecca C., Louisiana
12. Debbie H., Tennessee
13. Morgen M., Missouri
14. Susannah T., New York
15. Jasmine M., New York
16. Elizabeth P., New York
17. Danelle S., California
18. Colleen M., Colorado
19. Jennifer A., Michigan
20. Mildred B., Tennessee

21. Violeta H., Tennessee
22. Kristi R., Louisiana
23. JoLynn R., Wisconsin
24. Shannon W., Colorado
25. Morgan D., Nebraska
26. Loretta H., North Carolina
27. Aimett P., Florida
28. Barbara P., Tennessee
29. Kelly M., Tennessee
30. Brooke D., Wisconsin


Thank you for keeping our youth creative!

Two lucky winners will be announced to receive the gift of a personalized crayon wreath and a card-making kit for their classrooms.

Congratulations to our lucky winners receiving these classroom craft kits today!

  1. Tracy B., Utah
  2. Sharyn W., Arizona

Thank you for helping young minds grow!

Two lucky winners will be announced to receive the gift of a classroom snack pack + a desk succulent.

Congratulations to our lucky winners receiving this classroom snack pack and succulent today!

  1. Kristen L., Wisconsin
  2. Christy N., Utah

Thank you for being a storyteller!

Two lucky winners will be announced to receive the gift of a Little Free Library + box of books. Want to learn more about the Little Free Library initiative? Check out their website!

Congratulations to our lucky winners receiving a Little Free Library set for their school!

  1. Michele B., Louisiana
  2. Emily K., Florida

Thank you for being a team player!

A few lucky winners will be announced to receive a special surprise for your school!

  1. Rebecca R., Washington
  2. Lindsay L. and Todd K., Wisconsin
  3. Evie C., Tennessee

Fun downloadables

If you’d like to send a positive note to a colleague or plan a fun activity for your students this week, download these printable cards to get the creativity and gratitude flowing in your school.

Download this printable card to pass along to deserving educators at your school.

Use this self-care checklist to take a moment for yourself this week.

Fill out this virtual card to send to amazing educators.

Download these virtual stickers to spread gratitude to educators.

We are grateful for you!

Thank you for a great school year!

It takes a big heart to shape little minds!

Stay connected

Winner announcements

Winners will be posted here daily, beginning May 2. The celebration will continue in our Facebook groups—join to share the excitement and see if you are selected as a prize winner!

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