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View and download various fun resources, activities, posters, and more (in English and Spanish)! Click on any of the links below to view, download, or print – starting with this downloadable August 2023–July 2024 calendar!

Downloadable resources by month


The first day of autumn is September 23 this year! To help your students jump into the season, we’ve created a fall-themed coloring page and activity, available in both English and Spanish.


Celebrate the arrival of fall and sprinkle positivity in your class with our kindness notes on festive pumpkins! We also have a fun writing activity for your students that will encourage them to reflect on the new season while practicing their creative writing skills. Both activities are available in English and Spanish.


Download our free gratitude journal (available in English and Spanish) to share with your students this month!


Coming soon!


We’re sure you and your students have big plans for the new year. Be sure to have your classes fill out our downloadable worksheets as an opportunity to reflect–and practice their writing!

Activity for younger students

Activity for older students


How are you celebrating Black History Month with your students?

Be sure to download and print our free worksheets about Katherine Johnson, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Shirley Chisholm. We have a set for younger students and a set for older students–both are available in English and Spanish!

Younger students worksheet

Older students worksheet


Celebrate Women’s History Month with these English and Spanish downloadables featuring quotes from Maya Angelou, Marie Curie, and Mary McLeod Bethune. You can use them to decorate bulletin boards or as a coloring activity!

English coloring activity

Spanish coloring activity


Pick up where you left off with a beautiful bookmark between the pages of your latest read!

1. Download the bookmarks
2. Print
3. Cut along the dotted lines
4. Share with your students
5. Enjoy!


We see you and the incredible work you do every day! Pause and take a moment for you and your students.

Download these educator affirmation cards as a reminder of how valued you are.
Share these student affirmation cards to reinforce how awesome your students are.


Summer is here! Time to relax!

Download these Summer self-care bingo cards and mark off as many activities as you like while you spend some time recharging in the days ahead.


We know summer is still in full swing, but we want you to be prepared when you return to school!

Download these editable desk name tags, created for both younger and older students, to add some color to your classroom and get to know your students as you embark on the new school year.


Download and print our August 2023–July 2024 calendar to help you plan for the months ahead! This PDF is editable, so we encourage you to add your own important dates and classroom milestones.

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