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Preparing to teach with Boost Reading and Boost Lectura

We’ve developed a variety of resources to ensure you have the tools you need to support students in developing foundational skills and building background knowledge—no matter which materials you have available or where learning is happening.

Note: Login may be required to access some resources.

Teacher Guide

Login to explore the Boost Literacy Teacher Guide any time of the year to support your implementation of Boost Reading and Boost Lectura.

Program Overview

Start with the program overview to become familiar with how Boost Reading provides personalized instruction and practice for students in grades K–5.

View the scope and sequence and standards alignment for this Science of Reading-aligned program.

Our weekly usage recommendations:

  • Students in Grades K–3 should play for a total of 30–45 minutes per week, broken up into sessions lasting 10–15 minutes each.
  • Students in Grades 4–5 should play for a total of 40–60 minutes per week, broken up into sessions lasting 20–30 minutes each.

Our weekly usage recommendations for students using both Boost Reading and Boost Lectura are:

  • Students should aim for approximately 40 minutes of usage per week across both programs.

Boost Reading works seamlessly with other Amplify literacy programs. Learn more about integrating Boost Reading into your early literacy suite.

Data and Reporting

Explore data and reporting in Boost Reading to learn more about using your teacher dashboard to access student insights and class settings.

Adaptivity and Program Content

Uncover resources that explain the “why” behind Boost Reading’s research-driven adaptive approach. Learn about the adaptive algorithm, accessibility features, English Learner supports, and more!

Resource Library 

Access our Resource Library filled with skill-aligned games in printable PDF format for a variety of practice areas.