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Desmos Classroom and Desmos Math 6–A1

Desmos Classroom is a free platform that gives you access to lesson collections and the tools you need to teach them to the fullest. You can even create your own lessons with our lesson-building tool, Activity Builder.

You can also expand the power of Desmos Classroom by unlocking our engaging, year-long curriculum: Desmos Math 6–A1. The program includes both digital and paper lessons for grades 6–8 and Algebra 1 based on Illustrative Mathematics’ IM K–12™, and is aligned to scope and sequence. Desmos Math 6–8* lessons earned perfect, all-green scores on EdReports and was recently highlighted in a WestEd study on student efficacy.

We designed this site to familiarize you with the programs and help you teach them in your classroom.

*Disclaimer: Desmos Math grades 6–8 were given all-green, perfect scores on EdReports. Algebra 1 was recently completed and has not yet been submitted for the EdReports process.

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Preparing to teach

Desmos Classroom

Engage your students with Desmos Classroom‘s fun, free, and customizable activities! Browse our collections to choose your favorites, then assign them to your class to invite, develop, and celebrate your students’ thinking. 

Start teaching with three easy steps:

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Pick a lesson! Here are some of our favorite free lessons.
  3. Set up your class and assign a lesson to your students.

Desmos Math 6–A1

Student-centered instruction that drives results 

Desmos Math 6–A1 lessons put student ideas at the center of instruction. The activities spark curiosity, offer a variety of entry points into the content, and present opportunities for students to express their mathematical brilliance. 


As students work online, they interact with visuals and simulations that show how their thinking and decisions play out. When appropriate, students will automatically see other students’ responses. 


Teachers play an active role as discussion facilitators, monitoring student work in real-time, choosing moments to share and discuss, and synthesizing learning.

Read our math program guide to learn about the structure of the curriculum and the resources available and for wisdom from teachers describing how they make the most of the curriculum in their classrooms.

Comparing Desmos Classroom with Desmos Math 6–A1

New to the world of Desmos Classroom and looking to learn more about what we do? View a more detailed breakdown of these two offerings to help you choose which best fits your classroom’s needs.

Upcoming events

Free professional learning for math educators 

Level up your knowledge about Desmos Classroom and Desmos Math 6–A1 with our upcoming webinars! We’ll be showcasing expert strategies on implementation, and offering educator tips on how to get creative with learning in your classroom. Attend one of our live webinars or watch previous recordings on demand.

Professional development

Our help center is where you’ll find training resources specifically designed to help you with teaching Desmos Classroom and Desmos Math 6–A1, such as demonstration videos, tutorials, and more.

Stay in the know

Whether you prefer to read, listen, or collaborate, we’ve got you covered!

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Podcast: Math Teacher Lounge

Math Teacher Lounge is a biweekly podcast created specifically for K–12 math teachers. In each episode, co-hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson (@lockhartedu) and Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) chat with expert guests, taking a deep dive into the math and educational topics you care about.

Desmos Educators Facebook group

Our Desmos Educators Facebook group is a community of math educators from across the country. It’s a space to share best practices, ideas, and advice on everything from implementation to instruction. Join us!

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Join us for an upcoming online event, webinar, or podcast. You can browse all of our events by month. To sign up, select the event that interests you by viewing our calendar.

Need help?

Check out or our Help Center for more assistance at any point of implementation.

Learning the program

Accessing Desmos Classroom

You can create a free Desmos Classroom teacher account using any existing email or an existing Google account. Go to to sign up. You can use the same login credentials to create activities or test activities as a student.

Accessing Desmos Math 6–A1

You can get started with Desmos Math 6–A1 by requesting a free 30-day trial or by speaking to one of our sales reps. Note: Our math curriculum is designed for school-wide or district-wide implementation success, so we recommend setting up a trial for a team of two or more math teachers.