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Year 1 

mCLASS Technical onboarding process 

Thank you for choosing Amplify!

In preparation for your new school year, review the following steps to ensure access to your Amplify programs.  We’ll partner with you to complete this process while communicating important milestones.

Enrollment methods 

Amplify provides the right enrollment method for your school/district based on the programs in use. Please review the table below to identify the enrollment method available to you.

If you use:

  • mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition
  • mCLASS Lectura
  • mCLASS Express
  • mCLASS Intervention
  • mCLASS Math

Your enrollment options are:

  • Amplify Admin Portal Batch Upload
  • Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload
  • Clever
  • Classlink
  • GG4L

This is a guide for sending enrollment data through the Admin Portal or Clever, Classlink, or GG4L Connect. Please read the step for each enrollment method vertically. For additional help, visit our technical onboarding hub.

Amplify Admin Portal Batch UploadAmplify OneRoster CSV UploadCleverClassLinkGG4L Connect
Access the Admin PortalAccess the Admin PortalRegister via Amplify’s
Clever signup page
Share roster data with
Amplify Curriculum App in ClassLink’s RosterServer
Complete the GG4L
Onboarding Form, if you are not already a GG4L user
Batch upload your
enrollment data or manage your data
Upload OneRoster CSV files through bulk upload or scheduled SFTP syncsSet up your Clever account to sync with AmplifyConfigure the Amplify
OpenID app in ClassLink’s app library
Activate the Amplify
application from the GG4L
application gallery
Discuss selected programs with an Amplify customer success partnerDiscuss selected programs with an Amplify customer success partnerSet up sharing permissionsShare your district’s Tenant ID and SourceID with AmplifySet up your Custom
Data integration
Confirmed shared data in the Admin PortalConfirmed shared data in the Admin PortalValidate information
and confirm shared data with your Amplify customer success partner
Confirm shared data with
your Amplify customer success partner
Send your request and
confirm integration with
your Amplify customer success partner

View and manage data via the Admin Portal and/or your enrollment source (Student Information System)