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Welcome to the technical consult!

During this call, we’ll work with you to confirm your rostering & login methods, as well as best practices for data sharing. 

Teams involved:

Amplify Customer Success partner

Amplify Technical Onboarding team

School/District primary contact

School/District technical lead

Before the technical consult

Submit all required information to your customer success partner.

Review the Amplify network requirements and hardware requirements.

During the technical consult


Introduction and agenda review

Confirmation of:

  • Products
  • Grade levels
  • Schools
  • Enrollment source
  • Authentication type

Technical onboarding best practices

Our team will review best practices for data sharing, how your school/district can avoid errors or unnecessary delays, and the best enrollment methods for you.


After the technical consult

Our team will review your shared data. If we find any errors, we’ll notify you and provide resources to correct the errors. 

You will receive an email from our team with confirmation of launch typically within 7–10 business days.