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Amplify Uptime

Uptime is a percentage measure of uninterrupted time that your Amplify program was available. Each month, we share our uptime for your Amplify program. Here’s the program uptime during the past month:

  • Amplify CKLA – 100%
  • Amplify ELA – 100%
  • Amplify Reading – 100%
  • Amplify Science – 100%
  • mCLASS® – 100%

We know that you need our systems to work properly in order for you to do your job. When we have an issue that is impacting you, we want you to be updated and know how to solve the problem in real-time. Visit the Amplify status page to stay informed. You can view and subscribe to status updates. If the status changes to your product you will be notified by email immediately.

Go to the Amplify status page


Our Customer Care and Support team is always here to provide technical and instructional support by live chat, email, or phone.