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Launch Certification

Your Launch Certification offering guide

Whether or not you’ve have been licensed, review the information below to take complete advantage of your Advance Subscription.

Reveal the benefits with your Kickoff Call; a one-on-one discussion with an Amplify team member designed to guide you through your package, ensuring maximum benefits and optimal usage of the PD Library.

Don’t have PD Library access yet?

Use the direct links below to schedule your preferred date and time:

  • May 30, 2024, 5–6 p.m. EST
  • June 25, 2024, 12–1 p.m. EST
  • July 11, 2024, 5–6 p.m. EST
  • August 1, 2024, 5–6 p.m. EST
  • October 29, 2024, 12–1 p.m. EST

Your Advance Subscriptions provides you with unique access to a Launch Certification page in the PD Library.

Here you’ll find your unlocked resources such as:

  • 8–10 hour self-paced, product-specific courses.
  • Updated Launch sessions for three years.
  • Additional pre-made training materials.

You receive up to seven Session Preparation Meetings to prepare for facilitation of upcoming sessions; five in a small-group virtual setting and two sessions one-on-one with our team! Reserve your time in the PD Library.