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Physical Materials
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We’re excited to partner with you and look forward to delivering your Amplify physical materials! Below, you’ll find information on our delivery timeline and how to plan for your shipment, as well as guidance on delivery support.

Delivery process

Below, you can view a typical year-one Amplify delivery timeline. It describes the step-by-step process that will occur before, during, and after your Amplify physical materials are delivered.

Before delivery

Purchase order received

1. Purchase order (PO) has been sent and received by Amplify.

Submit logistics information

2. Login and submit on the Order Management Page. A link will be sent via email to your materials contact.


3. Physical materials will be processed upon completion of the previous step. A link to your Shipment Status page will be sent via email to track your shipment(s).

During delivery

After delivery

On its way

4. Prepare for your delivery by using our Materials Delivery Presentations and Inventory Tracking Template.


5. After you’ve received all your materials, begin your inventory process and note any discrepancies.


6. After all teachers receive their materials, they can use our unboxing resources to get organized for the new year.

Steps to complete

Below are a few steps to complete throughout the delivery process.

Before delivery

Step 1: Submit your logistics and product quantities on the Order Management Page (OMP).

Once your PO is submitted, your school/district’s physical materials contact will receive an email invitation to log in to your school/district’s Order Management Page. Here, you’ll be asked to provide information about each school, district, or warehouse shipping location. You’ll also be asked to select the product quantity that should be delivered to each site. Once this information is submitted, we can begin processing your order.

After the shipping appointment is made, communicate the logistics to school/district staff responsible for receiving the freight.

Step 2: Track shipment(s) with the Shipment Status Page (SSP).

Once your delivery is processed, your school/district’s physical materials contact will receive an email with a link to your Shipment Status Page. Here you can: 

  • View the current status of each shipment.
  • Assist with inventorying as shipments are received.
  • Know the number of shipments you will be receiving.
  • View delivery information for each site (if shipping to multiple sites).

Important to note

If you’re not sure who is listed as the material’s contact for your district/school, or you need to change that contact, reach out to our support team by logging in to and using the live chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner. You can also email

During delivery

Step 1: Prepare for delivery.

Helpful resources
In preparation for your Amplify physical materials shipment, you can share information with your school site contacts, warehouse managers, etc. to help them get ready to receive their materials. Listed below are some guiding questions, useful images, and best practices to ensure a smooth and manageable delivery:

Document: Amplify Science: Preparing for your Science Materials delivery

Document: Amplify CKLA: Preparing for your CKLA Materials delivery

Physical Materials inventory checklist
For a smooth process, we encourage you to create your own Physical Materials inventory checklist that can be shared with your school site leaders. Please make a copy of this template to add an additional school site and list all purchased products and quantities found in your purchase order. You can make a copy of this resource to fill out your own information. This can assist in confirming that all physical materials are received, and help you check for any missing or extra physical materials.

Step 2: Receive your materials order.

  • You’ll receive a call in advance to schedule the two- to three-hour hour delivery window; express any special requests at this time.
  • Upon arrival at the delivery site, the driver will check in at the main office and will ask where they should go to unload; confirm shipment location with the driver.
  • Have someone meet the driver at the designated unloading point to review the freight and sign the delivery receipt.
  • Reminder (if applicable): The lumper service driver often arrives within 20 to 30 minutes.
After delivery

Step 1: Unpack and inventory your classroom materials.

The following resources should be used to unbox, sort, and inventory your shipment into classroom quantities. Then, the Start Here guides should be shared with teachers to help them organize and inventory their materials in preparation for the school year.

Core Instruction unboxing resources

Step 2: Report any material discrepancies.

Now, your main priority should be contacting your Amplify team about any discrepancies in the materials received,  and supporting your teachers with the organization of their classroom physical materials.

To submit any requests about missing or damaged physical materials, please email the following information to

  1. Price quote number for your order
  2. The product name(s) and quantities of the missing, damaged, or misprinted materials
  3. Your school contact name and email address
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