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Preparing to teach your Amplify Caminos units

We’ve developed a variety of unit and lesson-level resources to ensure you have the tools you need to support students in developing foundational skills and building background knowledge. In this section, you’ll find information on using Amplify Caminos organized by grade-level.

Note: Login may be required to access some resources.

Pacing and planning

Guías de clases (Pacing guide)

To learn more about pacing for the school year, use the pacing guide specific to the grade level you teach. The Guías de clases can be found on the Teacher Resource Site under “Documentos para la planificación”. Simply use the English/Spanish toggle to access!

Grade K Guías de clases 

Grade 1 Guías de clases

Grade 2 Guías de clases

Grade 3 Guías de clases 

Grade 4 Guías de clases

Grade 5 Guías de clases

Alcance y secuencia (Scope and Sequence)

The Alcance y secuencia (Scope and Sequence) documents in this section provide a more detailed description of the Skills (Habilidades y Destrezas) and Knowledge (Conocimiento) topics of development in each grade level, as well as the sequence in which each are taught! Be sure to refer to this document to see where you are and where you’re going throughout the year. The Scope and Sequence documents also note where assessments are throughout the year.

Grade K Alcance y secuencia: Lectoescritura and Conocimiento

Grade 1 Alcance y secuencia: Lectoescritura and Conocimiento

Grade 2 Alcance y secuencia: Lectoescritura and Conocimiento

Grade 3 Alcance y secuencia

Grade 4 Alcance y secuencia

Grade 5 Alcance y secuencia


Amplify Caminos assessments allow teachers to gain critical information about student mastery of standards-based performance tasks. Through the use of formative assessment embedded in the Grade K-5 lessons, teachers may amend instruction as needed to meet the diverse needs of learners. Assessments include the following formats and are used to gauge student understanding and application of the skills and knowledge units and domains. Check out the assessment guidance overview for more information!