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Boost Reading and Boost Lectura

Whether students are just learning to read or mastering close reading, Boost Reading for grades K–5 helps achieve off-the-charts reading growth. With just 30 minutes or more of individual use per week, Boost Reading students grew significantly more in every DIBELs 8th Edition measure across all grade levels than non-Boost Reading students.

Boost Lectura is a NEW highly personalized program designed to accelerate Spanish literacy foundational skills for K–2 students.

Students come to school with a range of abilities and achieve mastery at different rates. Providing each learner with the specific support they need to progress can be challenging.

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Preparing to teach with Boost Reading and Boost Lectura

We’ve developed a variety of resources to ensure you have the tools you need to support students in your classroom. In this section, you’ll find information on using Boost Reading and Boost Lectura.

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Learning videos

On-demand: Back-to-school office hours

View the recordings for the Boost Reading/Boost Lectura back-to-school office hours session. Each session includes important program updates from an Amplify expert as well as answers to program questions that will give you a jump start on the school year!

Live session recording

Watch the live session recording, which includes a live Q&A!

Boost Reading/Boost Lectura back-to-school office hours

Teaching with Boost Reading

Below you will find instructional topics such as implementation, differentiation, and instructional practices, all the while highlighting Amplify features and resources you can be using to grow your expertise using our program!

PD Library

Boost Reading and Boost Lectura PD Library

View the training playlists for Boost Reading and Boost Lectura on our new PD Library.
The PD Library can be located on the Program & Apps menu when logged into the program.


Our efficacy data shows that Boost Reading can help student scores improve with 30 or more minutes of use per week. Having time dedicated weekly to allow students to work in Boost Reading and Boost Lectura is always a great way to start implementing these programs into your classroom.

Both programs can be flexibly implemented into your classroom to reinforce instruction across all tiers. This includes:

  • Providing practice opportunities during independent time
  • Keeping students progressing while you work with small groups
  • Deepening learning at home or in tutoring 

In general, we recommend that if using both Boost Reading and Boost Lectura, students should aim for approximately 40 minutes of usage per week across both programs. Individual students’ combined minutes spent in Boost Reading and Boost Lectura will depend on their instructional needs and goals.

Schools should consider the following when deciding how Boost Lectura and Boost Reading are used together: Instructional model, schedule, instructional needs, and literacy goals. Use of both programs is flexible enough to allow for use in any instructional model.

Diving into data

As your students begin using Boost Reading and Boost Lectura, you can utilize your Teacher Dashboard for in-depth classroom and student usage.

Boost Reading

You can also view growth and proficiency insights, as well as resources with research-based activities to reinforce skill areas. 
If you do not use mCLASS®, Boost Reading students in grades K-5 will be placed using our embedded Boost Reading Benchmark Assessment. Students will take the assessments at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year, providing you with each student’s overall proficiency level. Teachers can also see a breakdown of how each student’s proficiency was determined based on their performance on the texts presented, fluency, and comprehension.
We also encourage you to utilize the Trouble Spots section. In this section, you can see specific areas of difficulty in individual students’ reading journeys based on their performance in the program. 

Boost Lectura

If you do not use mCLASS Lectura, your students will take the Boost Lectura Automatic Placement Tool for placement in Boost Lectura. 
For both Boost Reading and Boost Lectura, we encourage you to utilize our Biliteracy Teacher Dashboard to see student’s usage and progress data in both programs side-by-side. We especially recommend the Trouble Spots where you can see specific areas of difficulty in individual students’ reading journeys based on their performance in the programs.

Frequently asked questions

Have you explored the Frequently Asked Questions tab on your Teacher Guide yet? 

Log in to find answers to your questions from implementation and usage to how you can help students with Trouble Spots and more.

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Amplify is proud to showcase cutting-edge research and insights in K–12 education. Explore our popular podcasts in literacy, math, and science; learn from top thought leaders and educators; and discover cross-disciplinary insights to support your instruction.

Help articles

Visit the Help Library and use the search tool at the top of the page to find all the information you need. There’s even a collection of articles devoted to all things Boost Reading and Boost Lectura—including more videos.

Boost Reading and mCLASS Facebook group

Our Boost Reading and mCLASS Facebook group is a community of Amplify educators from across the country. It’s a space to share best practices, ideas, and advice on everything from implementation to instruction. Join us!

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Learning the program

Accessing your Amplify program(s)

If you’ve never logged in to Amplify programs before, our Login to Amplify page will help you get started. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll find tools to help you explain to your students how they’ll access their Amplify programs.

We have options to make this simple for students of all ages and abilities. You can learn more on our Caregiver support pages for Boost Reading and Boost Lectura.


When you are ready to get started, you will log in to and navigate via the new Educator Home.

Once logged in, you will have a central landing page to access your program(s). Here, you’ll see recommendations like suggested resources, timely feature reminders, and information about class activity.

Once logged in, students will have a central landing page where they’ll access their assignments.