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Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos

Built on the Science of Reading, Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills.

Amplify Caminos is an authentic elementary Spanish language arts program for Grades K–5, grounded in the Science of Reading and built from the ground up for the Spanish language.

This site is designed to help you become familiar with Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos.

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Preparing to teach your Amplify CKLA and Caminos units by grade

We’ve developed a variety of unit and lesson-level resources to ensure you have the tools you need to support students in developing foundational skills and building background knowledge—no matter which materials you have available or where learning is happening. Are you a Teacher Resource Site user?

Teaching with Amplify CKLA and Caminos

Below you will find instructional topics such as pacing, differentiation, and instructional practices, all the while highlighting Amplify features and resources you can be using to grow your expertise of our curriculum!

Learning on the go

View the session recording where Amplify experts walk you through key program updates for Amplify CKLA. They also answer helpful questions about the program during each session. Whether it’s your first or fourth year with Amplify, you’ll walk away having learned something new.

Amplify CKLA professional learning webinars

Level up your Amplify CKLA experience with these webinar recordings! In Live from the Classroom, Amplify experts showcase classroom teaching strategies by showing footage of a Knowledge lesson from a real Grade 2 classroom. In Building Real World Connections using CKLA, four CKLA educators discuss tips and tricks on how to get creative with teaching the program and planning compelling activities for your students.

Live session recordings

Amplify CKLA: Live From the Classroom 

Educator Panel: Building Real-world Connections with Amplify CKLA 

Amplify CKLA and Caminos back-to-school office hours

View the session recording where Amplify experts walk you through key program updates for Amplify CKLA. They also answer helpful questions about the program during each session. Whether it’s your first or fourth year with Amplify, you’ll walk away having learned something new.

Live session recording

Watch the live session recording, which includes a live Q&A!

Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos back-to-school office hours

Amplify CKLA and Caminos PD Library

View the training playlists for Amplify CKLA and Caminos on our new PD Library. The PD Library can be located on the Program & Apps menu when logged into the program.

Training playlists 

Watch the training videos based on your program and grade band to learn more about pacing, planning, and teaching CKLA and/or Caminos!

Amplify CKLA K–2
Amplify CKLA 3–5 
Amplify Caminos

Stay one step ahead in Amplify CKLA 

Teachers can view relevant recordings to prepare for the upcoming unit and hear Amplify experts offer step-by-step guidance on the implementation journey.

Administrators can also view relevant recordings to explore tools that support effective classroom implementation.


 What features are available to supplement Amplify CKLA implementation?

Read-aloud Videos

To expose students to Knowledge strand content they missed while absent, you can share our recorded Read-Aloud videos. To access, go to the Materials section of the relevant lesson when logged into the Amplify CKLA curriculum site.

Refreshing your pacing strategy

To assist you in lesson planning, the PD Library has short video modules for self-paced study prior to the start of the year!


What are good activities to help students who need additional support?

Pausing activities

A teacher may choose to do any combination of pausing activities (in grades K–5) in any order, or create other activities that will help review, reinforce, and/or extend the material taught. Pausing Point days include several days’ worth of enrichment and remediation instruction. A large range of activities can be found in student Activity Books, and guidance in the Pausing Point section of Teacher Guides. In the Skills Strand, additional stories/Reader chapters are included for use during Pausing Points as the teacher chooses—for additional enrichment, practice, or assessment.

Intervention Toolkit

The Intervention Toolkit can be accessed from the Teacher Resource Site. Selecting from a variety of skills such as Complex Patterns, Comprehension, or Phonological/Phonemic Awareness will offer access to materials for planning instruction, teaching activities, and monitoring student progress. Check out our dedicated help article for more information!

Ebook and audiobook Readers

Students can access the K–5 ebook and audiobook Readers in addition to other resources, on the Amplify CKLA Hub. The eReader features the complete library of grade-level Amplify CKLA Student Readers in an interactive e-book format to enhance the student multimedia experience and offer additional reading practice.


Do you have support and guidance around CKLA assessments?

Checks for understanding and Formative Assessments

CKLA has a progression of moment-by-moment to benchmark assessments within core instruction such as Checks for Understanding and Formative Assessments. Checks for Understanding are designed to allow you to adjust instruction within the context of the lesson, whereas Formative Assessments range from in-the-moment adaptation to opportunities for individual, small group, and whole-class reteach and review. However, both Checks for Understanding and Formative Assessments also provide information to decide whether additional support and practice are appropriate.

Essential Questions and Writing Prompts

CKLA students in grades 3–5 have a large amount of background knowledge, which is so important when comprehending demanding passages on classroom and state assessments. The Essential Questions and Writing Prompts documents on the curriculum site provide extra writing practice that is tied to the unit content and can be used as needed to prepare students for writing assessments.

Read our help article about this measure to learn more.

Progress monitoring

Amplify CKLA provides a range of ways to track student progress, many of which are found in the Teacher Resources section of select Teacher Guides. Some of those include Student Progress Records and Anecdotal Reading Records.

  • Student Progress Record: This form may be used against a large range of student activities to track how students are progressing over time and compared with others in the class.
  • Anecdotal Reading Record: It is important to listen to students read individually on a regular basis; Skills lessons provide daily opportunities for this. Use the Anecdotal Reading Records to record and track student progress.
Stay in the know

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K–12 education podcasts

Amplify is proud to showcase cutting-edge research and insights in K–12 education. Explore our popular podcasts in literacy, math, and science; learn from top thought leaders and educators; and discover cross-disciplinary insights to support your instruction.

Help articles

Visit the Help Library and use the search tool at the top of the page to find all the information you need. There’s even a collection of articles devoted to all things Amplify CKLA—including more videos.

Amplify CKLA Facebook group

Our Amplify CKLA Facebook group is a community of Amplify CKLA educators from across the country. It’s a space to share best practices, ideas, and advice on everything from implementation to instruction. Join us!

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Learning the Program

Accessing your Amplify program(s)

If you’ve never logged in to Amplify programs before, our Logging in to Amplify page will help you get started. Once you’re successfully logged in, we’re here to help you explain to your students how they will access your Amplify program(s). 

We have options to make this simple for students of all ages and abilities. You can learn more on our Caregiver support pages for Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos (coming soon).

Navigating Amplify CKLA with digital experience

The rich content of Amplify CKLA is embedded in the digital experience, a robust lesson slide system that enhances instruction with flexible options that save time. Lesson slides can be presented as is, or downloaded, edited, and re-uploaded into the platform for a customized instructional experience!

*Want to learn more about digital experience? Encourage your administrator to talk with an Amplify representative, or review our dedicated program page here.

If you’re a Teacher Resource Site user, please refer here for instructional support!